AeroWall Dynamics

The AeroWall is a product that improves tractor-trailer aerodynamics, delivering a jump in fuel efficiency of 4.9%. Our involvement began with naming the AeroWall and designing its logo while it was still on the drawing board. Over a series of months it was decided to adapt the product name to become the company name, AeroWall Dynamics, calling for a slight adjustment to the product logo.

The CEO asked for our help developing an extensive series of investor relations materials including a wide array of graphics and photographs, many of which­ were repurposed in the marketing materials and website. As their first trade show approached we created graphics for the booth which included a full-size working model of the AeroWall.


Design & Production

Logo in use on the AeroWall product
AeroWall website
Tradeshow booth
Product sheets
4x9 brochure

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