American Advertising Federation Nashville

The 2015 American Advertising Federation District 7 Conference was held in Nashville, Tennessee. The organizers asked us to design the logo for the event and were totally open and hands off about what the logo and theme was.

Nashville brands itself as Music City USA, so it was natural to have some sort of tie-in to the music industry here. Using the phrase, “Crank It Up”, we drew on amplifier imagery, particularly an amp knob to symbolize the year and host city of the event. Nashville is also home to Hatch Show Print, so the typography reflects the tradition of letterpress printing.

The logo and other materials we created for the event—website, web banners, signage, and miscellaneous swag—was very well received by attendees and the organizers received tremendous positive feedback about it.


Design & Production


Variations of the 'Crank It Up' logo
Crank It Up website
Badges for event attendees
On-site signage

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